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Kolymbethra Garden is a special area inside the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, where history and nature meet. Its origin is a water source for the Greek city of Akragas, founded in the 6th century b.C.: a big pool “whose perimeter was 7 stadui” (this is what Kolymbethra means), that worked as an junction point of underground galleries. Then it was turned into a fishpond and became a wonderful garden full of Mediterranean plants thanks to the constant flowing of water. As the time went by it became property of the Catholic Church that introduced the citrus trees, giving such a fascinating look that this “garden of delights” became a step of the European Grand Tour in the 19th century. When the old farmers left, the garden was abandoned and the Regional Government entrusted it to FAI in 1999, when several interventions started.

The Bene FAI per Tutti trail

Kolymbethra Garden is a unique sensorial and motorial experience for persons with intellective disabilities. Inside this archaeological site visitors can bump into plants, scents and perfumes, helped by the Bene FAI per tutti guide that explains the history of this garden, what are the Valley of the Temples finds and why there is a garden here. Its combination of art and nature makes this visit a special occasion to learn new things: its colours, the outdoor setting and the big uncrowded area make everyone feel better. This site also offers a peculiar experience, that is the visit of the hypogea, advisable only if the persons with intellective disabilities tolerate indoor areas, dark and fresh air.

Bene FAI per tutti since 2020

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How to get there Kolymbethra Garden – FAI HERITAGE
Parco Valle dei Templii - Area Tempio dei Dioscuri, Agrigento
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Phone 335 1229042


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