The accessible guide

The Museo per tutti guide is the main tool that lets visitors with intellective disability enjoy their inclusive experience in a museum or place of culture.

Thanks to it, visitors can carry out a visit by themselves or with a caregiver (parent, teacher, educator) with no stress and together with other people in the same room.

The staff of Museo per tutti edits the guide in collaboration with the educational staff of the museums or FAI Properties, taking part of all the steps, from the definition of the path in the rooms to the selection of artworks/places.

The guide is written in easy-to-read language, a simplified code regulated by EU, that can be used for both kids and adults.

The tools composing it can be useful to prepare the visitor to the experience:

  • the social narrative or social guide, that explains to the visitor how to face this new experience, making clear that there are aspects that can cause stress and fear.
  • The sensory map, that underlines those areas where there are sensory variations that can influence the visit in a positive or negative sense, like bright or dark rooms or the usually crowded areas.
  • The path of the visit, that tells about that specific place of culture, its features, what that is composed of and the selection of artworks.
  • The brief explanation of the museum and visit in Augmentative Alternative Communication symbols.

The guide and its single parts can be downloaded free from the related pages on this website by clicking “download the tools for the visit” or from the websites of the museums or FAI Properties.

It is suggested to download the tools before the visit, in order to prepare the visitors – also modifying to customize them, in case, by making visual schedules, visual notebooks or classroom posters.

You can also use the guidebook after the visit to recollect the experience, like a tool for remembering the learning and emotional steps.


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