Bene FAI per tutti

Based on the results of Museo per tutti, Bene FAI per tutti (Property FAI for all) is the project realized at the properties of FAI (Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano), The National Trust for Italy.

FAI, a non-profit organization since 1975, acts like the British National Trust, protects and promotes the historical/artistic and landscape heritage.

FAI has such a great variety of Properties that constantly increases the number of accessible places, thanks to the several types and distribution along the entire Italian territory. The way in which these Properties are managed and preserved is peculiar: we have in addition to Museo per Tutti naturalistic goods and Properties with historical and artistic features, like houses, castles and villas that can be joined firstly like historical mansions and not only for the single artworks inside them, thanks to their preserved original feature.

Bene FAI per tutti complements the educational offer of FAI, so that it can open its cultural sites at the same time of museums, providing the accessibility to a kind of public unreached until now.

Viatris contributes to supporting the project, a partner of FAI since 2022 and an active supporter of the social inclusion of people with economic and physical difficulties.




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