Culture and Beauty are a right for all

Museo per tutti makes accessible
museums and goods belonging to Italian cultural heritage
to people with intellective disabilities
Tour guide at the Benozzo Gozzoli Museum

Slideshow for people with intellective disabilities


In this slideshow we explain what is Museo per tutti with the images and simplified texts of “easy-to-read” language.

Here you can find information about what to do when you want to visit a museum by yourself or with someone.

The Museums

Locate on the interactive map the Museums, the FAI properties and cultural places adhering to Museo per tutti.

Girl watching three paintings by Rubens at Louvre

Tell us

Did you visit a museum with Museo per tutti? Tell us about your visit, answer to a satisfaction survey and read testimonies of other visitors.
Exterior of Museum

Join Museo per tutti

Would you like to become a museum or place of culture accessible to people with intellective disabilities? Contact the staff of Museo per tutti for an evaluation to find out the path.
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Support us

The right of culture and beauty belongs to everybody. We need everyone’s help to make it possible.


Receive information, news and updates about the project Museo per tutti and information about the accessible museums and cultural places.