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Museo per tutti aims to reach as many museums and places of culture as possible throughout the entire nation to improve inclusive society and life quality for people with intellective disabilities.

Not only. The consequence of Museo per tutti action involves the entire society: if a museum is accessible and its visitors number increases, it means a wider awareness of citizens of its social effect and is a benefit for territory and society as well.

Every year more than one thousand visitors with intellectual disability enter the museums adhering to the project.

Our accessible projects let the children with disabilities take part to the educational activities of the museum with their classmates; those with disabilities can spend free time by themselves or with their caregivers in the rooms of an art gallery, while the adults with intellective disabilities have the chance of breaking their routine to watch the beauty of artworks.

Museums, art galleries, historical sites: many places of cultural heritage in our waiting list are wishing to become a Museo per tutti and waiting to become accessible according to our staff training.

Donations are essential for the pursuit of the widespread actions of museum accessibility. That is the reason why our fundraising office aims to improve the collaboration between public administration and private institutions, between museums and companies, foundations, institutions willing to support Museo per tutti.

Here you can find different opportunites for the right cause that involves art, diversity and inclusion

View of Villa Panza

donation for a specific museum

Choose a specific museum from our waiting list and become an exclusive donor, increasing the number of accessible museums
View of the Kolymbethra Garden

donation for your favourite culture place

Propose the culture place you love the most and become exclusive donor making it accessible with us
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free donations to the project Museo per tutti

Your contribution supports our management, that implies monitoring and follow-up of the actions already applied in the adhering museums, the realization of new educational interventions, the ongoing promotion on the national territory.


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