Staff and method

The approach of Museo per tutti consists in the collaboration and planning of actions of the experts of non-profit organisation L’abilità with those institutions adhering to the project.

The project Museo per tutti is meant to start from the different features of the single institutions: the members of the educational staff of the museums/organizations are asked to draft the contents according to the strategies suggested by the experts of Museo per Tutti, expanding accessibility and automatically giving more value to the institution itself.

The project includes a part of studying and training that takes to the drafting of the guidebook through the following steps:

  1. training of the educational and back-office staff
  2. co-designing of enabling tools like guidebooks, guided tours and educational workshops
  3. testing of materials and paths
  4. verification and assessment.

Considering the needs of the public Museo per tutti refers to, the staff of no profit L’abilità is composed by experts in cultural heritage and in intellective disabilities, that is a pedagogist, a neuropsychomotricity therapist, a psychologist, an educationist and an expert in cultural heritage.


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