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Presently Villa Panza is an important centre for Contemporary Art in cultural Lombardy scenario thanks to its collections and frequent temporary exhibitions. The Villa is a peculiar museum-house that combines the characteristics of the 18th century building, remodelled by architects Luigi Canonica and Piero Portaluppi, with Renaissance furniture, and a collection of African, pre-Columbian and non-figurative American art. Thanks to the former owner Giuseppe Panza, the collection started being composed in the 50ies.

The Bene FAI per Tutti trail

Visiting Villa Panza is a great opportunity for the public with intellective disability to discover and understand contemporary art inside a 18th century villa. The guide of Bene FAI per tutti at the same time tells about the context of the villa itself and its history, together with the artworks exhibited, focusing on the differences and innovative characteristics of non-figurative artworks. For example, the impression of the monochromes or the installations of Dan Flavin, who paints with light, are relevant fields of action for this public to catch eye and thought on contemporary art, both in cognitive and emotional ways. The space dimension can prevent overcrowding and the big park is a suitable area for a pause during the visit.


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Piazza Litta, 1 - 21100 Varese
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Phone 0332 283960


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