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Luvigliano di Torreglia (Padua)
Veduta di Villa dei Vescovi e dei vigneti
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Located on a hilltop of Euganean hills, Villa dei Vescovi is a historic Renaissance residence that allows visitors to spend time enjoying natural environment and art at the same time. Wanted by the Bishop of Padua at the beginning of 16th century and built by the Veronese architect Falconetto, thanks to the intervention of Giulio Romano this villa became an important example of Renaissance humanism, where art, architecture and landscape combine to provide a unique experience that can raise spirit and thoughts. After the intervention of the Flemish painter Lambert Sustris, who reproduced landscapes with the same plants around the Villa, it became seat of a literary club.

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The trail of the visit retraces the domestic living experience the Bishop was used to, that is a villa where rich indoor frescoed areas join the outdoor country dimension. The villa has a quadrangular shape, so that the visitor can freely go through all the alternating rooms – some of which are small, therefore potentially disturbing if overcrowded – up to the central bright room. The outdoor porch is the perfect place to rest: reachable from every single room, here the visitor can stop and enjoy the naturalistic landscape offered by the position of this villa, with the background sounds of bees and crickets (that might be disturbing for some people). A walk in the park and among the vineyard, typical places for rest and wellness, is the perfect conclusion of the visit.

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Via dei Vescovi, 4 - 35038, Torreglia (PD)
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