57° Biennale Arte, Venice, Catalan Pavillon, 2017

Catalonia in Venice. La Venezia che non si vede. Unveiling the Unseen.

Gondola con persone

Presented within the program “Collateral events” of the 57° edition of Biennale Arte 2017 in Venice, this project was produced by Institut Ramon Llull and represents Catalunya. The artist Antoni Abad realized “Unveiling the Unseen”, curated by Mery Cuesta e Roc Parés, a sensorial interpretation of Venice with its canals, created in collaboration with local people who are blind or visually impaired. The project uses the sensitive approach of this community as a resource that reveals urban aspects normally not obvious. These aspects create a new map of the city that can be seen thanks to the app realized for the project, with the contribution of those who wish to contribute adding audio recordings.


Museo per tutti and l’abilità onlus, with the support of Fondazione De Agostini, designed and created a guidebook with simplified language in Italian, English and Catalan, consisting of the explanation of what Biennale Arte is and of the installation, a social narrative, a map of the city with a selection of recordings and finally a text with the symbols of Augmentative Alternative Communication. Guided tours for persons with intellective disabilities, both children and adults, were organised too.


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