22 September 2021 - News

Welcome to the new Website of Museo per tutti!

Interior of museum

From September 2021 you can browse this website dedicated to the project Museo per tutti and to all the places of culture adhering, whether you are a visitor with intellective disability, a caregiver or an expert about the fields of culture and social assistance.

This website satisfies the criteria of the web accessibility, also in english. In the home page, visitors with intellective disability can discover the project through a dedicated presentation made with images and simplified texts in easy to read style.

Through the website you can find the places of culture that nowadays are accessible together with the contact information and, in the dedicated section, you can download the accessible guidebook (useful to prepare the visit before), composed by the map showing the path, the fiches of artworks written in easy to read style and the guide with the symbols of the Augmentative Alternative Communication and images.

After having visited a place of culture adhering to the project Museo per tutti you can leave a testimony on the proper section dedicated to satisfaction surveys destined to both the visitors with intellective disabilities and their caregivers.

If you want to expand the educational activities in your museum or place of culture rendering it accessible to people with intellective disabilities you can read more about the project and the accessibility in museums and contact the staff of the project to learn how to start a formation and a partecipated designing course.


You can stay up to date with the project and the next accessible cultural events subscribing HERE the newsletter and following the Museo per tutti pages on Facebook e Instagram!



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