The Sforza Castle courtyards

Corte ducale

The Castle courtyards are, as we see them nowadays, the outcomes of a series of restauration and refurbishing campaigns started in 20th century by Luca Beltrami and enriched year after year with museum-related elements. Their look was defined by the same important architect Beltrami who choose to give the monument what was supposedly its original Renaissance aspect, preserving though what had been built afterwards. The result is a continuum in space and history for those who explore the only castle in Milan even on a simple walk.

The Museo per Tutti path

The three Castle courtyards are wide open-air spaces connected and sequenced, which allows their visitors to enjoy the perspective and makes them subject to weather conditions. Each courtyard has its own peculiarity, given by specific findings or artworks, mainly sculpted or painted, that make visitors concentrate and experience unique aspects. The sequenced courtyard visit is the ideal open-air, relaxing art experience. From a sensory point of view, please notice that the courtyards are the walk-trough area towards Parco Sempione, which means that you constantly see and possibly hear people passing by and making background noise.

The Courtyard of Arms is the largest and the closest one to the underground station. Here you can see the towers and the moat. In this area you can see scattered Medieval era artworks and Renaissance building whole façades that help you grasp the effect of ancient Milan, as a real open-air museum.

You pass through the evocative Porta Giovia and you find yourself in the Ducal Courtyard, the heart of Sforza family court life. The garden pool, the fresco-painted porch and all the decorations give the impression of how rich and elegant the duke and duchess family life was.

Your path ends inside the Rocchetta Courtyard, namely the place where dukes used to hide their treasures. This courtyard shows decorated porches and ancient capitals engraved with Sforza family coats of arms and deeds, that tell visitors about their history and symbols.

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