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San Francesco Woodland, located at the foot of the famous Basilica of Assisi, is a place full oh history that nowadays still characterizes the devotional context of the city. Due to the several pilgrims who crossed this wood to reach the Basilica, in this area there are many evidences of the past time: the remains of an abandoned monastery and of a Medieval tower, a Romanesque church and a hospital. The last contribution to this site goes back to the last century thanks to the piece of land art by the renown artist Michelangelo Pistoletto that encourages visitors to take part in the art process, as it was in the past.

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San Francesco Woodland represents a great opportunity that FAI offers visitors with intellective disabilities to combine different experiences in only one day: walking in natural environment, discovering ancient art, enjoying contemporary artworks. Since it’s an extended woodland, it’s important for the visitors to be ready to walk and purposely equipped with adequate clothing. They can choose between two dirt roads: the first one climbs uphill to the Basilica while the second one goes towards the olive trees and the artwork of Michelangelo Pistoletto called “the Third Paradise”. Both charming walks among trees, flowers and hidden animals. Visitors can choose just one road, rest in a picnic area or in the quiet wood to recover wellness and quiet, far from city daily life.

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How to get there San Francesco Woodland – FAI HERITAGE
Complesso benedettino di Santa Croce, Via Ponte dei Galli, 06081 Assisi
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