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Abbazia di Santa Maria di Cerrate
The FAI property

Once a Byzantine monastery with scriptorium and library, then an agricultural production center dedicated in the processing of olives: the Abbey of Cerrate gives a fascinating tale of its dual soul as a place of worship and historic farmhouse.

The Bene FAI per Tutti trail

In the middle of the country and among olive and prickly pear trees, the Abbey is a Property of FAI that the visitor with intellective disability can easily enjoy thanks to its characteristics. The visit trail involves all the site buildings: the church, the mill, the well and the house of the Massaro (farmer). Here the guidebook written text helps the visitor look at what surrounds him, like the mill with the production of olive oil, the garden where the visitor can smell aromatic plants, or the frescoes of the local heritage. In just one site the visitor, with or without caregiver, can face many discoveries and inputs. The big courtyard and a wide lodge at the first floor are the perfect places for resting at anytime, enjoying the wellness sensation.

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How to get there Abbey of Santa Maria di Cerrate – FAI HERITAGE
SP100, km 5900 Casalabate
Opening time Updated timetables on FAI website.
Phone 0832 361176


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