Castello d’Albertis, 10/3 – 4/6/2017

Flashback – cullare, giocare, crescere (Flashback – rocking, playing, growing up)

Copertina Mostra Castello d'Albertis

Castello d’Albertis Museum of World cultures curated this exhibition with MAV – Museo dell’Artigianato Valdostano di tradizione of Fénis (Aosta) with the Biblioteca De Amicis of Genua. The theme is the path of growth, where each period of life is represented by the comparison of artefacts, one coming from the alpine territory – kept at MAV – and the others from other countries, kept in Castello d’Albertis.


Museo per tutti curated a sign with the explanation of what an exhibition is and the particular organization that this one took, providing information about orientation and sensitive perception.

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