23 October 2020 - News

COVID Emergency: the MUSEUMS reopen to visitors. Museo per tutti assists tours on its own.

Statue with mask against Covid-19

People with intellective disabilities and their caregivers can visit in complete safety the Museums and places of culture adhering to the project Museo per tutti.

We remind you that it is necessary to book the visit before the entrance.

In order to enter it is necessary to wear the mask, measure the temperature at the entrance and disinfect hands with the provided gel.

It is necessary to keep the distance of  1,5 m from the other visitors during the visit.

The Museo per tutti or Bene FAI per tutti guidebooks, which let people with intellective disabilities take a visit on their own or together with caregivers, is temporarily unavailable at the ticket counter, but can be downloaded online. You will have a safer visit by printing the guidebook on your own, because it cannot be shared. 

Furthermore, the path of the visit could be subjected to change in some museums in order to protect your health: the staff of the museums and the signage will tell you these changes.

Check also the opening hours of the museums, because they could have changed in this period too.

After this period of lockdown and weeks spent at home, a visit to a museum or a FAI property is a good reason to see places and artworks that can help you start again and find wellness.


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