19 April 2024 - News

Pompei joins Museo per tutti

On April 22nd, at 11 a.m., a press conference will present the “Museo per tutti guides for Pompei“, written in easy-to-read language and Augmentative and alternative communication, as a joint cooperation between Museo per tutti and Archaeological Park of Pompei teams.

Thanks to that communication choice, that characterizes Museo per tutti ever since its creation, one of the worldwide most important archaeological sites will be accessible. This will make Pompei join Museo per tutti network as number 38 of a compound formed by 37 historical and cultural heritage sites on the entire Italian nation.

Museo per tutti guides (click here to download) are a practical and effective answer the different needs related to visitors with intellectual disabilities as main targets of that material and active partners of the publishing process. Thanks to the associations La Scintilla and Il Tulipano, in fact, the validation step was completed through the involvement of the persons with disabilities who daily attend their activities.

Those guides propose a 15-step tour that has been conceived mainly as a preparatory tool for the visit that includes public and private buildings and the Antiquarium.

Following the press conference, Museo per tutti team will lead a special visit inside the archaeological site, as a live replica of the visits conceived for people with intellectual disabilities.


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