28 May 2024 - News

The National Archaeological Museum Domenico Ridola of Matera joins Museo per tutti

On Tuesday May 30th and Friday May 31st at The National Archaeological Museum Domenico Ridola of Matera 2 training events are going to take place, dedicated to the museum educational staff and the welcoming team. Aimed at improving relational and communicative skills useful in case of special logistic and relational needs, those events are also conceived as bases for the creation of inclusive guided tours, for visitors either with or without disabilities.

The training events will be followed also by different actors involved in life projects of persons with disabilities living in the area, such as teams of professionals working at associations and rehabilitation centers, teachers and tour guides, and make part of a wider project plan that has led to the production of 2 guides in facilitated language (Easy-to-read language and Augmentative and Alternative Communication) that will enable visitors with intellectual disabilities to enjoy the museum collection.

Those guides, that will be presented as a preview during the training events, have been produced by the Museo per tutti team of non-profit association L’abilità together with the museum curators and explain a wide range of findings: ancient artifacts, remains of the local fauna, red-figure precious vases and daily life modern age objects.

Those accessible tools are especially suggested to be used in a preparatory phase of the visit, but they can also be kept as a consultancy tool during and after the visit, as a souvenir or memory of the experienced tours. The free download of the guides will be soon available on the Musei Nazionali di Matera website also.

The National Archaeological Museum Domenico Ridola of Matera joins therefore Museo per tutti network, including now 39 artistic and cultural heritage sites all over Italy. Museo per tutti network aimes at removing intellectual barriers by means of easy tools and common universal languages.

For further information about Museo per tutti and other related sites, see www.museopertutti.org


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